Each month you'll always find three mainstays in your box - Reiki, Rocks and Aromas! And we'll include up to three more surprises to keep the magick going all month for a total retail value of over $60.00 for our original Reiki, Rocks & Aromas Box and $22.00 for our Light & Lather Box plus SHIPPING IS ALWAYS INCLUDED!!


The Reiki part of Reiki, Rocks & Aromas is a candle infused with reiki and love. Each candle is 6 oz. and hand poured in small batches, ensuring every candle is unique. We use high quality, phthalate free fragrance oils and essential oils to scent our candles. Our wax is a blend of soy and parrafin waxes to create the perfect hot and cold throw. Each is decorated by hand with gemstones, botanicals, pixie dust and filled with magick. 



I think you can figure out the Rock part of Reiki, Rocks & Aromas. Each box will contain a crystal carefully chosen for that month. We love crystals and hope you will too. You may receive a smooth tumbled stone, a natural rough stone, a powerful point, magestic wand, cool cluster or collection of crystals. Each form offering it's own enchanting healing. Crystals are not included in our Light & Lather Box.



Aromatherapy rounds out Reiki, Rocks & Aromas. Each box will include a product formulated with essential oil(s). These can include room/body mists, aromatherapy chakra sprays, balms and annointing oils.   Roll away tension with a roller bottle roll-on remedy. Spray away negativity with an aromatherapy mister.  You will also receive recipes and info on how to use aromatherapy in both your magickal and mundane daily life. Aromatherapy product is not included in our Light & Lather Box.



We have to include a handmade bath and and body product since it's where Reiki, Rocks and Aromas began. We refer to them as our soaps, lotions and potions. We'll suprise you with a new selection each month. Soak away your day  in a soothing botanical salt bath. Wake up with a mood boosting body wash. Lather up with a sudsy bar of soap.

All of our products are handcrafted, vegan, as natural as possible (some of our recipes do have preservatives), made with plant based oils, scented with essential oils and skin safe, phthalate free fragrance oils. 

You'll also enjoy one, two or three extra gifts each month rounding out your box. These can include magickal supplies such as smudge, incense, jewelry, books, cards and such. Only soap is included in our Light & Lather Box in addition to a 6 oz. candle.



How It Works

1. Set your preferences

Grab a cup of herbal tea and decide whether you want our Original Reiki, Rocks & Aromas Box or our Light & Lather Box. Shipping is always included.  

2. We curate your box

 Our staff and house elves will pour the candles, hand pick crystals, collect the oils, stir the soaps, lotions and potions and pack your box with love, light and lather.  

3. Enjoy your monthy magick

 We ship all boxes once a month, and you'll get the next one! Woohoo! Open and love your reiki, rocks and aromas, love & light and whiffs & sniffs!